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5 Ways to Fit in a Quick Workout During the Busy Holiday Season

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Homemade cookies. Wrapping paper. Christmas trees. While these leave some people with a warm and fuzzy feeling, they may leave others feeling stressed and anxious. The holidays are a time of happiness and excitement, but they can also leave you feeling drained if you don’t find a good balance of activity and relaxation.

It’s important to stay active during November and December — most of us enjoy tasty treats and are busy with holiday preparations, so making it a point to get to the gym will ensure your body stays healthy and your mind stays happy. Use these tips to make sure you can easily fit in a quick workout every few days during the busy holiday season.

1. Always Have a Packed Gym Bag

Keep a bag of workout clothes, deodorant, hair ties, and sneakers in your car at all times. This way, if your 4:00 meeting gets canceled or your kids have a last-minute playdate, you can hit the gym with ease. This will also make it easier to go for a brisk walk or run during lunch. At the very least, you can change into comfy clothes and sneakers for those after-work errands.

2. Meal Prep and Store Snacks to Save Time

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day of work, hitting the gym, and then getting home and realizing you don’t have any food in the house. Fast food and unhealthy dinners can ruin the gains you’ve made during your workout, but there’s an easy way to avoid this: meal prep on the weekend so you have easy access to healthy meals at any point in time.

Bring snacks and light meals to work so if you go right from the office to the gym, you aren’t exhausted and hungry before the workout even starts. Always having healthy food available to you will help you resist the urge to go out for dinner instead of hitting the gym. It will also save you time during the week, so you’ll have more time to spend hanging out with the family or exercising with friends.

3. Treat Your Lunches Like Gym Sessions

Lunch is your time to take a breather, step away from the work stress, and give yourself a mental break so you can get back at it in the afternoon. Using your lunch as a mini-workout is a great way to fit in exercise before the sun sets and home life takes over. You can go for a one-or-two (or three) mile run, do some squats and lunges, or climb the stairs over and over, all in the span of thirty minutes. This will put you in a good mood and stimulate creative thoughts for the rest of the afternoon. If your office is close to Her Gym, you can even stop in and do some weights or use the machines.

4. Fit in Some Push-Ups — Every Day

We don’t always have time (or, quite frankly, energy) to go for a run after work. However, one simple exercise that you always have time for is push-ups. You can fit these in while you’re watching TV, before you jump in the shower, or while you’re cooking dinner. Instead of picking up your phone and browsing through Instagram, try doing 10 push-ups without stopping. Every day, try to do one more push-up than you did the day before — just make sure you maintain correct form (that means back flat and hands shoulder-width apart!).

5. Sneak in a Quick Fitness Class

Her Gym offers dozens of fitness classes each week, from energy-inducing BodyAttack to relaxing BodyFlow. We all know that exercise makes your body release endorphins, which interact with receptors in the brain, making you more relaxed and naturally happy. It’s been shown that exercise can reduce stress, limit anxiety, and improve sleep — and we could definitely use some of that during the busy holiday season!

Fitting a 45-minute or hour-long class into your weekly schedule is simple, with how many classes we offer. A group fitness class will warm your muscles, get your heartbeat up a little, and help you sweat out any holiday stressors or expectations. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by women just like you, all looking to squeeze in a quick workout between work, holiday shopping, and Christmas pageants.

Committing to one or two workouts per week for the rest of 2019 will keep you sane — and it’ll help you get started on your 2020 New Year’s resolutions! Her Gym has a huge variety of group fitness classes to choose from, and you can even try them out for a week with our free 7-day pass. Invite your friends to join you for a quick workout and watch how you leave refreshed, happy, and confident (and hopefully a little sore!).

3 Fall Fitness Classes that will Save Time and Still Deliver Results

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With back-to-school, extracurricular activities, Halloween preparations, and (most importantly) football season, your fall schedule is probably packed with fun, yet time-consuming, activities. You may find it harder to find time for the gym in the afternoon, and with the sun rising later in the mornings, more difficult to get out of bed when that 5:30 am alarm goes off. But with flu season approaching and parties on the calendar, it’s more important than ever to keep your body and mind healthy — and that’s where we come in.

We’ve compiled the three best group fitness classes in El Paso, Texas that will work your body in a short amount of time. Bring a buddy to one of these classes each week at Her Gym and you’ll be making serious gains, both mentally and physically.


If you want to stay strong throughout the fall, despite your busy schedule, BodyPump will keep you on-target. This hour-long class is led by a knowledgeable instructor who will guide you through weighted movements. These exercises are designed specifically to build muscle and increase endurance.

If you want to build your strength without spending several hours at the gym, this class is for you. BodyPump is focused on toning your body, increasing core strength, and burning calories. Her Gym offers a BodyPump class almost every day, so check out our schedule to see how you can fit one in this week.


Anyone felt stressed lately? We can all raise our hands to that. If you’re looking for a class that will release negative energy, stress, and uncertainty, BodyCombat is the answer. It uses martial arts-inspired moves like Muay Thai and boxing to empower you, yet is completely non-contact. BodyCombat will get your heart rate up, work your entire body, and help you develop better coordination, which in turn will improve your agility in other sports and classes.

Build endurance and sweat out your inhibitions with BodyCombat, offered at Her Gym several days each week.


This hour-long class is the perfect combination of strength and stamina. It combines short bursts of cardio, such as running or lunges, with strength exercises like squats (and, even better: squat jumps!). BodyAttack works your whole body, rather than one specific part, so you can feel confident you aren’t skimping out on any area. It focuses on increasing your coordination, making it a great cross-training class.

The moves in BodyAttack are easy to learn and have low-impact options, making it suitable for women of all fitness levels. There are no weights used, only your body. If you’re looking for a class that’s both high-energy and will make you stronger, BodyAttack is where it’s at.

To stay physically and mentally balanced all year long, it’s important to make time for the things in life that keep you centered. Spending time with family, enjoying close friendships, and taking care of your body will keep you healthy this fall. Enjoy all of our empowering women’s fitness classes at Her Gym all year long — and bring a buddy to make it even better!

Take advantage of our free 7-day pass and see how you can achieve your fitness goals this fall.

Tired of Gymtimidation? Here’s Why You Should Choose an All-Women’s Gym

all-women's gym workout

Some gyms pride themselves on the intensity of their personal trainers or their members’ obsessions with counting macronutrients and trying out every new fad diet. Other gyms preach the “no judgement zone,” but their huge vicinities, thousands of members, and lack of personal interactions can make you feel like a pair of legs with no name.

At Her Gym, we believe in working hard and playing hard — both inside and outside of the gym — and forming real connections with each other so we can grow together in our fitness journey. Instead of feeling anxious or unsure when you step inside the gym, it’s time to feel strong. Here are three reasons an all-women’s gym can help you achieve that:

1. All of the Challenge; None of the Pressure

No matter what stage of life you’re in or where you are in your fitness journey, we all know that sometimes, gyms can be intimidating — especially if you’re surrounded by bulky weight lifters grunting and flexing (or even worse, mansplaining). Not to say that all men turn into “hunks” when they step into the gym — some just express their strength, determination, anger, or achievement a little louder than women do.

At Her Gym, we’ve eliminated the lunk vibe and replaced it with fierce female athletes who have respect for everyone around them. We challenge ourselves to work hard during every gym session but maintain a positive, healthy tone that encourages our fellow gym-goers. No need to compare your gains to men; instead, focus on your workout and enjoy the progress you’re making each day.

We’ve eliminated the stigma of women being “weak” or “inferior,” and we showcase this during every fitness class. Each workout is designed to help our members enjoy being at the gym, and for those who want to step up the difficulty, there’s always the chance to add weights and go longer, harder, and faster.

2. You’re Part of the Family

When you’re a member of an all-women’s gym, you find a different sort of community than at a coed gym. Our staff and instructors get to know you by name, since our fitness community is smaller and more tight-knit. At larger coed gyms, it’s easy to feel like just another person. At Her Gym, we separate ourselves from that corporate atmosphere and instead focus on genuine human connections.

We value each member of our family, no matter their age, shape, or size, and are dedicated to helping them reach their fitness goals.

3. Women Supporting Women

As women, we understand the struggle to be validated in the fitness world that was dominated by men for so long. We have a bond that strengthens our friendships and fuels us to inspire and encourage one another — you’ll see this in every fitness class, personal training session, and individual interaction that takes place at Her Gym.

Take a break from the pressure and stress of work and join a gym community that is refreshing, energizing, and empowering. Soon, your gym buddies may even become your best friends.

Joining an all-women’s gym is the perfect way to experience the true strength of womankind and gain a support system, inside and outside of the gym. To experience our community for yourself, take advantage of our free 7-day pass (and tell a friend to try it, too!).

Why Office Life is Hindering Your Fitness Goals, and How to Fix It

woman working in an office

Between sitting for the majority of the day, chugging Starbucks vanilla lattes to stay alert, and falling into a bad posture habit, it can be difficult to work an office job while prioritizing your health goals. However, it’s not impossible — it can actually become a habit, once you take the right steps. Read on to learn how you can maintain a healthy balance at work while still achieving your fitness goals.

1. Posture

As the day wears on, posture gets put on the back burner. Slouching, letting your chin jut forward (“turtle style”) to look at the computer screen, and holding the phone between your ear and neck all create muscle imbalance and stiffness that can cause headaches.

Bad posture leads to cramped and strained muscles, as well as potential injury while exercising. Studies have shown that poor posture can cause poor mental health, which in turn damages your physical health.

The solution: Many companies allow employees to have stand-up desks, which are ergonomic and can alleviate pain and stiffness from desk chairs. No matter what type of desk or computer you have, it’s important to be mindful of your posture and check yourself a couple times each hour — opt for shoulders back and down, chin tucked back, and chest up. Soon, this will become second nature and you’ll notice your back, neck, and shoulder muscles feeling more relaxed.

2. FOOD — It’s everywhere

The smell of your neighbor’s lasagna for lunch; the vending machines lurking around the corner; the donuts Sally Smith was just so kind to bring in for everyone on the team: in the office, food is everywhere.

A busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to meal prep or even spend time making a substantial dinner once you get home. This leads to eating lunch out or throwing a frozen burrito in the microwave (or worse, not eating lunch altogether). Skipping breakfast can be detrimental to your metabolism and lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart issues.

The solution: Make time to meal prep on the weekends. Fill portable containers with fruit for a mid-morning snack to keep yourself on track until lunch time. Almonds, yogurt, berries, sunflower seeds, and roasted chickpeas will give your brain a boost so you don’t fizzle out or reach for more caffeine. Additionally, try to eat breakfast or a small snack within two hours of waking up to kick start your metabolism and give your brain something to run on — don’t just rely on the coffee or you’ll crash and burn faster than you can click “reply all.”

3. Sitting, Always Sitting

Staying inactive for the majority of the day can no doubt impede your fitness goals. Not only does it make your joints stiff and sore, but it can also decrease flexibility and ignore the muscles you work so hard to strengthen in the gym. It’s been shown that sitting for long periods of time over many years increases your risk of arthritis, heart disease, obesity, and cancer.

The solution: Go for a walk or run during lunch hour. Not only does this help you fit in an extra workout, it also loosens your joints and muscles and gives your brain a respite. You’ll come back to the office feeling refreshed and ready to take on afternoon challenges.

If you don’t have time to go for a full-out run, take some laps around your building and climb as many flights of stairs as you can. This can be done in as little as 10 minutes and will get your heart rate up and blood pumping. Every step of exercise will get you closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Getting up early, having a long commute, and working overtime can all cause fatigue, stress, and even anxiety and depression. The last thing many people want to do is drive to the gym and expend even more energy. However, it’s been shown that physical exercise releases endorphins in the brain that boost your mood and will leave you feeling happier and more relaxed than when you left the office. Exercising reduces stress and helps you sleep better at night, so you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed.

To make it easier to get to the gym after work, always keep a bag of workout clothes, sneakers, and headphones in your car. Along with your lunch, pack an afternoon snack like an apple and almonds, Greek yogurt, or low-sodium jerky. This will give you energy to power through your workout and avoid the temptation of post-work happy hour.

Group fitness classes are the perfect way to shake out the stress after a busy day in the office — click here for your free seven-day pass and try some out!

Which El Paso Fitness Class to Choose, Based on Your Fitness Goals

women in fitness class

As temperatures start to rise this spring, it’s time to turn up the heat on your workout so you’re ready for a fit and fab summer. The LesMills classes offered at Her Gym provide you with energizing, comprehensive workouts that make it easy for you to achieve your fitness goals. Different classes have different purposes and formats, and each targets a different type of exercise. Read on to learn which LesMills fitness class is best for you.

Gain Muscle Tone

If you’re looking for a fitness class specifically designed to build muscle tone, look no further than BodyPump. This class combines strength and endurance in traditional dumbbell workouts that are guaranteed to leave you with a little soreness and a lot of accomplishment. Our motivational instructors help you use the correct weight, based on your experience and fitness goals, and will guide you through each exercise. It’s the perfect place to test your limits and get results.

CXWorx is a LesMills class designated to abs and butt exercises that will tone your midsection and improve your posture. It’s a perfect addition to any athlete’s workout schedule, since it improves functional strength to prevent injuries. As with the rest of our classes, each exercise can be adapted to match your fitness level.

Build Endurance and Burn Fat

Let’s face it, running isn’t for everyone. For those of us who have trouble enjoying the stereotypical cardio workouts, there’s BodyAttack. This LesMills class builds stamina, increases agility, and helps you become an all-around better athlete. Lunges combine with push-ups and squats combine with burpees to make this class a killer – but not without invigorating tunes and constant motivation from your instructor.

BodyCombat is another class full of cardiovascular exercises. It combines various martial arts that help you release stress, burn fat, and increase stamina, all at once. BodyCombat is 100 percent non-contact and allows you to burn upwards of 700 calories per class. If you’re more into biking, try RPM or Sprint, two cycling classes complete with hills and high-intensity workouts on the stationary bike.

Improve Flexibility, Balance, and Core

If you’re looking to center yourself both physically and mentally, the LesMills TRX class will do both. It uses a TRX band and bodyweight movements to help you stabilize and strengthen your core without large dumbbells or barbells. The TRX class develops the many minute muscles in your center, as well as in your arms and legs, to give you a deeper, more effective workout. We guarantee you’ll leave class feeling more balanced and standing a little taller than before.

Everyday stressors like work and school tend to leave our bodies tense, cramped, and unaligned. BodyFlow corrects this with dynamic exercises borrowed from yoga and pilates, lengthening and stretching your muscles so you can balance yourself again. While this LesMills class will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, it will also work your muscles with each movement.

Feel the Rhythm

While all the LesMills classes provide a motivating environment and amazing post-workout rush, there are three classes that specialize in dance workouts. Zumba has been described by our members as a giant dance party that helps you enjoy exercising while maximizing movements for burning calories. Similar to Zumba, Country Heat Live will help you get your jam on to country music with movements like stomping and clapping.

More focused on toning and shaping, BodyStep is the perfect combination of fun and fitness. It blends classic movements like burpees and dumbbell exercises with stepping to energetic, fast-paced beats. If you’re looking to improve your coordination and agility, BodyStep is the perfect fitness class for you.

No matter what your 2019 fitness goals are, we have a class that will help you reach them. Get your free 7-day pass to Her Gym and try out any of our LesMills classes. Our schedule is packed each week and all our classes are taught by trained, knowledgeable instructors who motivate and push you to be the best version of yourself.