3 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Meet Your Fitness Goals this Season

3 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Meet Your Fitness Goals this Season

three women practicing self-care with facials

Valentine’s Day has become a huge commitment over the years: planning an amazing dinner for your loved one; making cards and buying candy for your kid’s entire class; getting brunch with each of your girl friends to celebrate Galentine’s Day. During this hectic time, it can be hard to find a moment of peace for yourself, let alone stick to a self-care routine.

Here are three ways to prioritize your own sanity, so you can continue to share the love with your family and friends.

Schedule at least one evening each week for self-care

Whether this means making it to BodyFlow class and then having a glass of wine in bed or getting take-out from your favorite restaurant after work, block off one evening in your calendar when you don’t make any external commitments. If watching a movie with your kids is how you rejuvenate yourself, go for it! To make sure you can relax, take these steps:

  • Turn off your phone — completely. Not just on airplane mode (we know you!). Separate yourself from social media and work emails with a phone-free evening.
  • Designate it a no-cleaning night: it may be tempting to pick up the random clothes lying around the house or throw in a load of laundry, but this can be a slippery slope to checking off all the items on your to-do list instead of taking a night to relax.
  • Keep it simple: you don’t have to make an elaborate, candlelit dinner for yourself or book a whole-body hot stone massage. Self-care can be as easy as reading a book in bed with a candle on your bedside table, or flipping through old photo albums with the fam. Just take time to refresh yourself so you can get back to slaying every other day of the week.

Keep track of your accomplishments

Write down mini-goals for the week: meal prepping lunch; making it to Zumba on Friday; getting eight hours of sleep three nights in a row. When you accomplish these goals, make it a big deal! Take a victory photo, write it down in your journal, or tell the Her Gym team about it — we love celebrating victories with you! This will help you stay on top of your fitness goals while remaining positive about what you’re accomplishing.

Celebrating these achievements, no matter how small, is a little happiness boost that can mean the world during a rough week. Take note of your friends’ mini-victories and congratulate them to spread the positivity!

Spend time with friends who support you

Call up that friend you haven’t seen in a while and ask how she’s doing. Invite your squad to a BodyPump class so you can all crush together. Start your weekend off with RPM or BodyCombat and then get brunch with your besties.

Spending time with the people who know you and support you will help you get through even the most chaotic seasons of life. The family at Her Gym is positive and uplifting, and we’re always here, whether you need to talk about crunches or your latest minor catastrophe. To try out our classes (or get one of your friends hooked!), click here for a free seven-day pass. And remember to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!