5 Ways to Fit in a Quick Workout During the Busy Holiday Season

5 Ways to Fit in a Quick Workout During the Busy Holiday Season

strong woman wearing Santa hat shows muscles

Homemade cookies. Wrapping paper. Christmas trees. While these leave some people with a warm and fuzzy feeling, they may leave others feeling stressed and anxious. The holidays are a time of happiness and excitement, but they can also leave you feeling drained if you don’t find a good balance of activity and relaxation.

It’s important to stay active during November and December — most of us enjoy tasty treats and are busy with holiday preparations, so making it a point to get to the gym will ensure your body stays healthy and your mind stays happy. Use these tips to make sure you can easily fit in a quick workout every few days during the busy holiday season.

1. Always Have a Packed Gym Bag

Keep a bag of workout clothes, deodorant, hair ties, and sneakers in your car at all times. This way, if your 4:00 meeting gets canceled or your kids have a last-minute playdate, you can hit the gym with ease. This will also make it easier to go for a brisk walk or run during lunch. At the very least, you can change into comfy clothes and sneakers for those after-work errands.

2. Meal Prep and Store Snacks to Save Time

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day of work, hitting the gym, and then getting home and realizing you don’t have any food in the house. Fast food and unhealthy dinners can ruin the gains you’ve made during your workout, but there’s an easy way to avoid this: meal prep on the weekend so you have easy access to healthy meals at any point in time.

Bring snacks and light meals to work so if you go right from the office to the gym, you aren’t exhausted and hungry before the workout even starts. Always having healthy food available to you will help you resist the urge to go out for dinner instead of hitting the gym. It will also save you time during the week, so you’ll have more time to spend hanging out with the family or exercising with friends.

3. Treat Your Lunches Like Gym Sessions

Lunch is your time to take a breather, step away from the work stress, and give yourself a mental break so you can get back at it in the afternoon. Using your lunch as a mini-workout is a great way to fit in exercise before the sun sets and home life takes over. You can go for a one-or-two (or three) mile run, do some squats and lunges, or climb the stairs over and over, all in the span of thirty minutes. This will put you in a good mood and stimulate creative thoughts for the rest of the afternoon. If your office is close to Her Gym, you can even stop in and do some weights or use the machines.

4. Fit in Some Push-Ups — Every Day

We don’t always have time (or, quite frankly, energy) to go for a run after work. However, one simple exercise that you always have time for is push-ups. You can fit these in while you’re watching TV, before you jump in the shower, or while you’re cooking dinner. Instead of picking up your phone and browsing through Instagram, try doing 10 push-ups without stopping. Every day, try to do one more push-up than you did the day before — just make sure you maintain correct form (that means back flat and hands shoulder-width apart!).

5. Sneak in a Quick Fitness Class

Her Gym offers dozens of fitness classes each week, from energy-inducing BodyAttack to relaxing BodyFlow. We all know that exercise makes your body release endorphins, which interact with receptors in the brain, making you more relaxed and naturally happy. It’s been shown that exercise can reduce stress, limit anxiety, and improve sleep — and we could definitely use some of that during the busy holiday season!

Fitting a 45-minute or hour-long class into your weekly schedule is simple, with how many classes we offer. A group fitness class will warm your muscles, get your heartbeat up a little, and help you sweat out any holiday stressors or expectations. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by women just like you, all looking to squeeze in a quick workout between work, holiday shopping, and Christmas pageants.

Committing to one or two workouts per week for the rest of 2019 will keep you sane — and it’ll help you get started on your 2020 New Year’s resolutions! Her Gym has a huge variety of group fitness classes to choose from, and you can even try them out for a week with our free 7-day pass. Invite your friends to join you for a quick workout and watch how you leave refreshed, happy, and confident (and hopefully a little sore!).