3 Fall Fitness Classes that will Save Time and Still Deliver Results

3 Fall Fitness Classes that will Save Time and Still Deliver Results

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With back-to-school, extracurricular activities, Halloween preparations, and (most importantly) football season, your fall schedule is probably packed with fun, yet time-consuming, activities. You may find it harder to find time for the gym in the afternoon, and with the sun rising later in the mornings, more difficult to get out of bed when that 5:30 am alarm goes off. But with flu season approaching and parties on the calendar, it’s more important than ever to keep your body and mind healthy — and that’s where we come in.

We’ve compiled the three best group fitness classes in El Paso, Texas that will work your body in a short amount of time. Bring a buddy to one of these classes each week at Her Gym and you’ll be making serious gains, both mentally and physically.


If you want to stay strong throughout the fall, despite your busy schedule, BodyPump will keep you on-target. This hour-long class is led by a knowledgeable instructor who will guide you through weighted movements. These exercises are designed specifically to build muscle and increase endurance.

If you want to build your strength without spending several hours at the gym, this class is for you. BodyPump is focused on toning your body, increasing core strength, and burning calories. Her Gym offers a BodyPump class almost every day, so check out our schedule to see how you can fit one in this week.


Anyone felt stressed lately? We can all raise our hands to that. If you’re looking for a class that will release negative energy, stress, and uncertainty, BodyCombat is the answer. It uses martial arts-inspired moves like Muay Thai and boxing to empower you, yet is completely non-contact. BodyCombat will get your heart rate up, work your entire body, and help you develop better coordination, which in turn will improve your agility in other sports and classes.

Build endurance and sweat out your inhibitions with BodyCombat, offered at Her Gym several days each week.


This hour-long class is the perfect combination of strength and stamina. It combines short bursts of cardio, such as running or lunges, with strength exercises like squats (and, even better: squat jumps!). BodyAttack works your whole body, rather than one specific part, so you can feel confident you aren’t skimping out on any area. It focuses on increasing your coordination, making it a great cross-training class.

The moves in BodyAttack are easy to learn and have low-impact options, making it suitable for women of all fitness levels. There are no weights used, only your body. If you’re looking for a class that’s both high-energy and will make you stronger, BodyAttack is where it’s at.

To stay physically and mentally balanced all year long, it’s important to make time for the things in life that keep you centered. Spending time with family, enjoying close friendships, and taking care of your body will keep you healthy this fall. Enjoy all of our empowering women’s fitness classes at Her Gym all year long — and bring a buddy to make it even better!

Take advantage of our free 7-day pass and see how you can achieve your fitness goals this fall.