Tired of Gymtimidation? Here’s Why You Should Choose an All-Women’s Gym

Tired of Gymtimidation? Here’s Why You Should Choose an All-Women’s Gym

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Some gyms pride themselves on the intensity of their personal trainers or their members’ obsessions with counting macronutrients and trying out every new fad diet. Other gyms preach the “no judgement zone,” but their huge vicinities, thousands of members, and lack of personal interactions can make you feel like a pair of legs with no name.

At Her Gym, we believe in working hard and playing hard — both inside and outside of the gym — and forming real connections with each other so we can grow together in our fitness journey. Instead of feeling anxious or unsure when you step inside the gym, it’s time to feel strong. Here are three reasons an all-women’s gym can help you achieve that:

1. All of the Challenge; None of the Pressure

No matter what stage of life you’re in or where you are in your fitness journey, we all know that sometimes, gyms can be intimidating — especially if you’re surrounded by bulky weight lifters grunting and flexing (or even worse, mansplaining). Not to say that all men turn into “hunks” when they step into the gym — some just express their strength, determination, anger, or achievement a little louder than women do.

At Her Gym, we’ve eliminated the lunk vibe and replaced it with fierce female athletes who have respect for everyone around them. We challenge ourselves to work hard during every gym session but maintain a positive, healthy tone that encourages our fellow gym-goers. No need to compare your gains to men; instead, focus on your workout and enjoy the progress you’re making each day.

We’ve eliminated the stigma of women being “weak” or “inferior,” and we showcase this during every fitness class. Each workout is designed to help our members enjoy being at the gym, and for those who want to step up the difficulty, there’s always the chance to add weights and go longer, harder, and faster.

2. You’re Part of the Family

When you’re a member of an all-women’s gym, you find a different sort of community than at a coed gym. Our staff and instructors get to know you by name, since our fitness community is smaller and more tight-knit. At larger coed gyms, it’s easy to feel like just another person. At Her Gym, we separate ourselves from that corporate atmosphere and instead focus on genuine human connections.

We value each member of our family, no matter their age, shape, or size, and are dedicated to helping them reach their fitness goals.

3. Women Supporting Women

As women, we understand the struggle to be validated in the fitness world that was dominated by men for so long. We have a bond that strengthens our friendships and fuels us to inspire and encourage one another — you’ll see this in every fitness class, personal training session, and individual interaction that takes place at Her Gym.

Take a break from the pressure and stress of work and join a gym community that is refreshing, energizing, and empowering. Soon, your gym buddies may even become your best friends.

Joining an all-women’s gym is the perfect way to experience the true strength of womankind and gain a support system, inside and outside of the gym. To experience our community for yourself, take advantage of our free 7-day pass (and tell a friend to try it, too!).