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Popular Diets For El Paso Fitness

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Thinking about starting a new diet? Looking for the most popular and effective diets? You shouldn’t be looking for any diet, you should be looking for your perfect diet plan. No workout is good enough to transform your body without a solid diet plan behind it.  For that reason, we present you 3 different diet plans with their pros and cons. Our goal is to help you to achieve all your fitness goals with proper workouts and diet plans.

  • KETO: The Keto diet is known as the best low-calorie diet. But in order to know if this Diet plan fits you, it’s important to understand the pros and cons and most important how this diet actually works. The KETO Diet plan is a combination of low carb, moderate protein and high fat, puts your body into a natural process known as Ketosis. When your body is in Ketosis, your liver produces ketones which become  your main source of energy and revolves around the consumption of fat. Here are the benefits and cons you can expect from this diet plan:



  • Reduce insulin levels
  • Decrease insulin resistance
  • Reduce fat storage/increases fat burning
  • Increase the amount of calories you burn daily.
  • Spare muscle for better body composition
  • Decrease neurological disease
  • Greater endurance performance



  • The Keto diet plan requires an adaptation period of time that last 1 to 2 weeks. The adaptation process can be very uncomfortable for your body.
  • If you body likes the idea of living without a higher carbohydrate food, this is no the proper diet plan for you. It does require some restraint and forethought.


KETO is a powerful treatment for obesity and fat loss, while preserving muscle mass, most experts recommend getting at least 70 percent of your daily calories from fat and the rest from protein. The goal is to eat as few carbohydrates as possible. It helps you to drop weight fast with little to no hunger in addition to perks like more energy and mental clarity, before making any decision you need to consult with an expert.  Get more information about the KETO diet plan


  • The Flexitarian Diet: Is one of  the latest trends in the fitness-health world. This diet plan allows you a healthy balance of plant-based foods, responsibly sourced meats, and quality fats. This diet is perfect for people who want to become vegetarian, but can’t quite bring themselves to break up meat. Essentially, it means you’re a flexible vegetarian. The diet allows you to eat tofu, quinoa, tons of produce, and other vegetarian favorites, but you’re also allowed to occasionally eat meat and fish. But what are the pros and cons of the flexitarian diet?



  • Food Flexibility
  • Socially inclusive
  • Save money
  • Healthier, clear skin and better immunity
  • More nutrients for your body
  • Good for the environment



  • It has the potential to be restrictive with eating meat
  • Potential to fill up on unhealthy foods
  • Prone to B12 and Iron deficiency

Learn more about the right way to follow a Flexitarian diet

  • The Primal diet only allows foods that our primal ancestors would have access to. It’s a high protein diet that focuses on eating more protein, natural fast and plenty of vegetables. This diet plan ditches grain, sugars and processed food while focusing on clean eating with animal and plant-based protein, lots of vegetable, healthy fats and fruits.  The primal diet advocate for lots of low-intensity activity, high intensity workouts, strength fitness training and plenty sleep.



  • You could improve your health by eating natural, high-quality foods.
  • Potential to Lose more weight.
  • This vegetable-heavy, no sugar diet is a great option for People with diabetes.



  • It’s and expensive and inconvenient diet. Buying high-quality foods is not always cost-effective.
  • Make food from scratch, instead of being able to reach for processed food.
  • Saturated fat consumption.


The primary benefit of this diet is to improve your overall health and help you lose weight. Your body is mostly designed to process protein for growth and fat as it’s main energy. A major problem with this diet plan is that sugars are absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream to give us an energy boost, but the body is only going to absorb what it needs for its immediate energy purposes. Get more educational information about the Primal Eating Plan

We do not believe in dieting to lose weight; we believe that you can transform your body into a fit, lean fat-burning machine simply by eating the right foods. Her Gym is here to help El Paso with your fitness and weight loss goals reach out to us here. Get in contact today

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