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Burn Off the Holiday Guilt with Her Gym

We know that the holidays can be rough on the body, so we decided to share the amount of calories some common holiday dishes have! As a plus, we decided to give you some insight on how many calories you can burn with many of our popular classes.

Once again, we have reached that time of the year where everything is about the family, gifts and especially food. It is well known that Americans consume the most calories during Christmas and New Year, now imagine how much that amount increases for a city like El Paso that is on the border with Mexico and its delicious food.

The typical Christmas food in El Paso, in addition to keeping typical American dishes is influenced by the Mexican culture due to our location, so in the same night you can eat something American like brisket or ham and something Mexican like a tamale.

There is a saying about the holidays the calories do not count during this time of year, but the reality is very different. Let’s talk about some of our workout classes and its equivalent in holiday dishes

LesMills Body Attack

Let’s start with the typical Christmas dinner that would-be turkey or ham with mashed potatoes and gravy and pasta, the approximate amount of calories is 1.351. What would you have to do to burn off the holiday guilt? Easy, two sessions of our Body Attack class will help to burn up to 1460 calories, Attack which is a high-energy cardiovascular training class that combines moves from a wide range of martial arts disciplines. The class improves fat burning potential, muscle coordination, strength, flexibility and agility

LesMills RPM

A typical Mexican Holiday dish like tamales represent 310 calories each one and let’s say you ate 2 consuming in total 620 calories, to burn off the holiday guilt you will have to take one class of RPM that is a fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling workout, it provides lightning quick improvement in endurance as well as a fast boost of lower body strength and will help you burn up to 675 calories each session.

LesMills Body Pump

Finally, we cannot forget the dessert, a slice of chocolate cake accompanied by a coffee represent a total amount of 410 calories, once you finish, a class of Body Pump awaits you, you could burn up to 540 calories in each session of this strength and endurance training class where muscle and music collide.

Do not waste more time, start to meet your workout goals with us at Her Gym and burn off the holiday guilt. We offer a 7 days free trial to all new members.