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Best El Paso Workout Tips for The Changing Seasons

Best El Paso Workout Tips for The Changing Seasons.

Have you ever wonder what workouts are best for you during the changing seasons? Well you’re in luck!! Her Gym has compiled a list of the best workouts tips for the different times of the year as well as a list of our classes that will you help to accomplish your fitness goals. El Paso might be warm most of the year, but it doesn’t mean we can’t adjust our fitness routine based on the weather! Let’s dive into these tips and workouts.


For some of us is difficult to stay motivated during the winter season, especially for the weather and the holidays, for that reason it’s important to keep commitment with your weekly workouts. Start every week with planning your scheduled, pick your classes and workouts hours and always have a pack of fitness gear in your car.

Don’t wait to see if you have free time make it happen, remember to train with a goal in mind every day. Cold weather is not an excuse to stop working out, add an intensity workout to your routine and you shape will improve. Weights and cardio both help at this point.

Her Gym recommendation: BODYPUMP

BODYPUMP is a strength and endurance training class where muscle and music collide! And is the fastest way to get in shape. Plus, you’ll get a nice burn in the comfort of our warm gym!


After the winter holidays, spring is the season in which people who neglected their physical condition begin with their fitness preparation for the summer. The most common goal of the spring season is to lose the weight you gained in the winter and start cutting for the summer season. Here are some tips that will help you to accomplish your goal:

Put realistic goals, every goal takes time to fulfill so it is important that you are constant with your workout.

Meet all the goals you set, start with small daily goals and follow a healthy and balanced diet. Most people start in January, but fall off as the months go on. Make a commitment to yourself to continue to workout.

Because you have already starting building muscle and shedding fat during the winter season, we recommend increasing your cardio classes.

Her Gym Recommendation: ZUMBA

Our Zumba program It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party.  This workout is more of a fun party that will keep you motivated anytime of the year!



Summer is that time of the year where you want to show off all the time you’ve spent working out in the gym It’s the time to hit the beach with you best body.

One of the keys to achieving this goal are endurance exercises that will help you warm up, these exercises include walking, running, swimming, cycling, which are not part of your workout plan but combined with a gym routine you will achieve the body that you want. Make sure to take advantage of all the outdoor activities you can do during this time of the year in El Paso!

Your workout plan should be focuses on all areas of the body:

  • Upper body workout
  • Lower Body Workout
  • Abs and Core

Diet plans play a critical role in our exercise program. To get all the benefits of your workouts you need to establish the right diet and stay with the plan.

Her Gym Recommendation: TRX

Complement your endurance exercises with a strength training, body weight class that focuses on developing balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Keep that summer body looking good by hitting our TRX classes on a weekly basis!



With the arrival of autumn, the weather starts to change, which many of us take as an excuse to stay at home and change the gym for a movie. Therefore, it is important to reinforce our commitment to our fitness routine and stay constant throughout the year. Remember Her Gym offers new classes every year. So, mix it up to stay motivated!

Some of our recommendations are:

  • Update your routine, look for new exercises and try new things.
  • Change your playlist and gymnasium clothes, a change is always necessary to increase motivation.
  • Get a coach that will keep you at your best.

Her Gym Recommendation: INSANITY LIVE

Based on ‘max interval training’, a faster way of burning calories. It combines lengthier periods of high intensity exercise with shorter cool downs allowing you to burn up to 1000 calories in 45 minutes. This thrilling workout provides the support and group motivation to challenge you to work toward your highest potential.